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Pollen analysis from Fiekers Busch, Rinteln, Germany

Pollen analysis of sediment profile WO1 from Wollingster See

Miocene flora and paleoclimate estimations of Schrotzburg, South Germany

Pollen record and age determination of a sediment profile from Schmiechener See, Germany

Monthly and yearly mean air temperature from 1829 to 2005 calculated from meteorological observations at different locations in Bremen, northern Germany

Pollen record from Kleiner Mochowsee, Germany

Microflora from Molasse sediments in southern Germany

Lithology and pollen record of various sediment profiles of postglacial age from Bavaria, Germany

Age model and chemistry of sediment core STK7 from Steisslinger See

Eurobarometer 69.1: Discrimination, Radioactive Waste, and Purchasing in the European Union, February-March 2008