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Eurobarometer 69.2: National and European Identity, European Elections, European Values, and Climate Change, March-May 2008

Voice of the People Millennium Survey, 2000

Eurobarometer 68.1: The European Parliament and Media Usage, September-November 2007

Global Terrorism Database II, 1998-2004

Global Terrorism Database 1.1, 1970-1997

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM): Expert Questionnaire Data, 1999-2003

Eurobarometer 67.1: Cultural Values, Poverty and Social Exclusion, Developmental Aid, and Residential Mobility, February-March 2007

Eurobarometer 67.3: Health Care Service, Undeclared Work, EU Relations With Its Neighbor Countries, and Development Aid, May-June 2007

Eurobarometer 66.2: Nuclear Energy and Safety, and Public Health Issues, October-November 2006