Antarctic Ocean

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Geophysical logging on sediment core and hole CRP-3 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica

Age determination of sediment cores from the Weddell Sea

Micropaleontology and stable isotope record of ODP Hole 178-1098C

Magnetic susceptibility and ice-rafted debris in surface sediments of the Atlantic secort of the Southern Ocean

Magnetic anomaly map of the Weddell Sea Region, Antarctic (Scale 1:2 500 000)

Carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of Cibicidoides spp. and fine fraction separates (<10 ?m) from ODP Holes 113-689B, 119-738B, and 120-748B

Mapping of the Eltanin impact area in the South-East Pacific

Standard meteorological measurements on board of POLARSTERN during expedition ANT-IV (PS08, 4 legs, south summer 1985/86) in the Atlantic and Weddell Sea, Antarctica

Dive track profile, intermandibular angel sensor profile and immobilisation data of adult female Weddell seals at Drescher Inlet from expedition DRE2003

Stable-isotope records from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica