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Geochemistry of basement clasts from sediment core CRP-3 in the ross Sea, Antarctica

Geophysical logging on sediment core and hole CRP-3 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica

Geochemical analysis of minerals from sediment core CRP-2 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica

Environmental analysis on sediment core CRP-2 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica

Distribution of alkenone unsaturation index UK37 of the eastern North Atlantic (Table 2)

Stable isotope record and benthic foraminifera of sediment core MD01-2378

Platinum-group element abundances in background samples and the K-T boundary interval from DSDP Hole 91-596 (Table 2)

Element concentrations of amphiboles in ODP Hole 147-894G (Table 1)

Stable isotope records of corals from the northern Red Sea

Ice thickness measurements in the Lincoln Sea and adjacent Arctic Ocean